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A Dose of Stripes and Plaid

I’ve never bought in to the whole “horizontal stripes make you look fat” thing, but looking back at these pictures, I’m a little tempted to believe them. I wouldn’t really consider this a slimming look, but I don’t think it looks terrible either. I purchased this dress at Target earlier this summer because I needed something to wear to my internship. I like that it can be dressed up or dressed down and pretty much goes with everything. I’ve already worn it a ton, but I think this might be my favorite outfit yet. I love the magenta and blue together and I will always have a thing for mixing patterns, like the stripes and plaid here.

( Cardigan: Love Culture / Dress: Target / Scarf: American Eagle / Flats: Nordstrom Rack )

Summer Lake Dress

Last week, the company I’m interning with had their summer employee get-together. We drove up to Lake Cavanaugh, which is about an hour north of the office. The lake was absolutely stunning, with crystal clear water miles and miles across and little inhabited islands in the middle. It was a gorgeous day filled with great food, wonderful people, and time in the sun and out on the water. 
Unfortunately, when I packed my bag for the week up in Washington, I completely forgot about the lake day trip and only brought office-appropriate outfits. The morning of the trip I made a quick detour to Target on my way in to work to look for a cheap, casual dress and some sunscreen. Luckily they had a ton of summer dresses on clearance and I picked this one up for about $7! I’m pretty excited about this last minute find. I love the royal blue color and the fact that it’s collared in the front and looks totally appropriate for the office with a cardigan, but has a deep racerback that is fun and helped to keep me cool in the sun all day. This is definitely my version of “business in the front, party in the back.” Since I just threw this outfit together with what I had in my suitcase on my body when I went to work, I’m really looking forward to actually styling it with my entire closet at my disposal. For now, I just wanted to share my awesome find with this super simple outfit!
( Dress, flats: Target / Belt: Forever 21 / Sunglasses: c/o Nordstrom BP )

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