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How to Organize a Dorm Closet

With only a few weeks left in the school year, I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to successfully organize my dorm room. However, when I first moved in, figuring out where to put everything was a shot in the dark. I searched the Internet for tips, studied pictures of sample University of Oregon dorm rooms, and browsed through pictures of my friends’ dorms on Facebook. Even so, it felt like trying to crack some sort of code. I had no idea how I was going to fit all my stuff into some tiny box of a room and still be able to function.

Now that I’ve figured out what works for me, I thought I’d share it here. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to organize a dorm room or any other small living space or are just curious about what all my stuff looks like, read on to see how I organize my closet!

Here’s an overview of the inside of my closet. It has three built-in drawers and a clothing rod. I keep my cosmetics in the top drawers, tees and tank tops in the middle drawer, and underwear, bras, and socks in the bottom drawer, separated with drawer dividers. Also, my roommate and I both purchased a set of these little stick-on lights. They were a life-saver last term when I had to wake up for class before her and could use them to find my clothes in the dark!

Because I have so much clothing, using the entire length of the rod in my closet made the most sense for me (as opposed to using the space above the drawers for other storage). I swear by these slim, flocked hangers (similar to¬†these)! They save so much space, allowing me to cram as much as possible into this closet. Another great space-saver are tiered skirt hangers. At home, I used to hang my skirts clumped in twos and threes on individual hangers, but these work so much better! I still double up skirts on the clips, but now it doesn’t take up nearly as much room. I can fit about 15-20 skirts on these two hangers!

I organize my clothes by hanging styled outfits together on the far left (which makes it super easy to get dressed when I’m running late for class!), followed by jackets, dresses, tops (organized by color), and skirts on the far right.

I’m the type of person who kicks off their shoes wherever they feel like it and leaves them there until the next time they’re needed. This habit can quickly make it hazardous to walk through a tiny dorm room. I’ve gotten much better about putting my shoes away now and it helps having a neat, organized spot to put them. My parents and I bought this wire rack the day that I moved into the dorms. It fits the space underneath my hanging clothes perfectly and keeps all my shoes tidy and easy to find!

During the fall and winter, since I pretty much only wore boots, I kept them lined up in front of my shoe rack. I kept the slouchy ones upright by putting rolled-up magazines inside them.

Also, during the fall, winter, and early spring, I kept my tights organized by color on hangers next to my skirts in my closet. I had originally been trying to keep these in a bin on the floor of my closet, but this made it way too difficult to find the ones I wanted and keep them organized. Also, by January, I had too many tights to fit in the bin and had an extra pair of boots that needed a home! I moved my tights to hangers, which works so much better!

To create extra hanging space for things I need to access often, I bought two over-the-door hooks to hang on my closet doors (similar to these). On the left, I hang coats and umbrellas. On the right, I hang towels and a small bag that contains my toothbrush, face wash, hand towel, etc. for quick trips to the bathroom.

I also attached a stick-on hook to the wall inside my closet to hang my necklaces. This is perfect because it keeps them from getting tangled and I can easily see them when I’m getting dressed. Plus, the hook is removable so I can take it down when I move out.

Lastly, I use four fabric bins on top of my closet to organize various items. The two white ones on the right are from Ikea and hold hats, gloves, scarves, and belts in one and camera equipment in the other. The two black ones on the left (similar to these) hold lotions, sunscreen, nail polish, band-aids, medicines, etc. I also keep my shower caddy above my closet.

That’s the run-down of my closet! If you liked it or found it helpful, please let me know!