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My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I am so excited to be sharing another capsule wardrobe with you. The first time I shared a capsule wardrobe post on the blog, it was an emergency remedy for the severe over-accumulation of clothing that had happened in the lifetime of this blog. I was so done with the insane pressure I felt to never wear the same outfit twice and always be coming up with something new to post.

That first capsule wardrobe was a game-changer.

I’ve now gone through six seasons of capsule wardrobes. Only the first made it onto the blog, but I’ve wholeheartedly embraced this way of living and shopping. My capsules are a little less rigid these days — occasionally I’ll borrow something from my mom or grab an extra layer from a storage bin. But in all honesty, the amount of clothing I wear now is just a fraction of what I used to cram into my dorm room closet.


The biggest change of all? I only shop for clothes four times a year as I’m gearing up to switch capsules. This has been no small miracle as I’ve transitioned from a college student to working girl wardrobe over the last year.

Not too long ago, I would have used that as an excuse to buy all the things. Instead, I’m strategic about what I need to update my existing wardrobe for each new season. Despite the fact that I’ve been shopping for my first seasonal work wardrobes, I’ve managed narrow my shopping needs down to just a handful of items each season.

Figuring out the balance between work and weekend wear in my capsules has been trial and error. Last fall, I created two separate capsules – one for work and one for weekend – but found that I ended up in leggings and a tee most weekends, which didn’t really deserve its own capsule. This time around, I’m leaving loungewear completely out of the equation. If I need to dress up on the weekends, chances are I’ll grab jeans and a dressy top.

Here’s what I’ll be working with this spring:

Spring-Capsule-Wardrobe (more…)

A Dose of Leprechaun

Despite having one crazy week, both at work and personally, I’ve been really wanting to get back to blogging. I’m so glad to finally have some daylight hours after work to be able to take photos. Going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark has definitely been draining my motivation lately.

I talked on Instagram a few weeks ago about how long days at work have kept me from doing even the things I want to be doing and typically fill me up in my free time. My solution has been to let go of the 101 things I think I should be doing and just list the top three things I want to be doing. This helps keep me before and after work hours feeling dreamy. Today, taking and posting outfit photos for the first time in what feels like forever made that short list.

But here we are! I loved the subtle green and gold in my St. Patty’s Day outfit. This LOFT skirt and emerald scarf have been staples for me this winter but felt a little extra special with the addition of a gold bangle from Rocksbox. Even six months into my post-grad job, I’m still trying to figure out my professional style. However, this outfit is definitely one that feels like me.

A Dose of Wintry Plaid

The bad news is, it’s December, and I’m sharing my first fall capsule wardrobe outfit on the blog. The good news is, I have a stockpile of outfits just waiting to be photographed and posted. Better late than never or too little, too late? You decide.


One of my favorite ways to freshen up my capsule wardrobe as I’m nearing the end of the season is by mixing up my accessories. Even though accessories like scarves and necklaces aren’t limited in my capsule wardrobe, I often fall into a rut and reach for the same pieces over and over again. This scarf is one of those rarely worn pieces since it’s colors can be a little daunting to mix in with an already limited color palette. However, it can give my staple neutrals a whole new look and feel for that same exact reason.


Speaking of staples, I’m thinking my cardigan collection needs a bit of an overhaul for this next capsule wardrobe. I’m finding that most of my layering options fall into the boyfriend cardigan category – perfect for a college campus, not so much for a professional office. This cardigan was actually stolen out of my mom’s closet (perk of living with your parents post-graduation, I guess), and I can’t decide whether to formally include it in my capsule wardrobe or consider it a bonus. Regardless, I think I need to add a basic cardigan or two to my shopping list this month.


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