August 2016 archive

Being Nimble in 2016

Big things happen one day at a time

When I first wrote about my one little word back in January, I thought being nimble would be all about letting go of the search for the perfect balance and learning to embrace all of the roles in my life without guilt or resentment.

It quickly became clear that being nimble also means letting go of the rigid boundaries I set for myself. Throughout the year as I was trying to plan out the launch of Style in Doses, I kept hitting the same walls.

At the beginning, I insisted that everything had to happen in a perfect month-by-month timeline. Of course, by mid-January, that timeline had been thrown way off and I was already feeling like things were being thrown together at the last minute. I began to feel paralyzed by my to do list and unable to move forward.

It took long conversations with both my boyfriend and my business bestie to realize that the stress I was putting on myself to conform to my own rigid outline was entirely unnecessary. As soon as I granted myself permission to be nimble and flexible with this project, the feelings of self-doubt and anxiety eased.

Rather than enforcing a strict schedule on myself, I’m taking this project season by season. Spring was the season of planning and preparation. Summer has been a season of hustling to get the shop open. Now, heading into the fall, I’m trying to figure out what’s next. My hope is that, over the next few months, I’ll begin to find my groove with this new role as business owner.

The weight has been lifted, and I’m ready to get to work.