Making Space to Create


When I decided to get serious about making my little dream of a handmade shop a reality, I quickly realized that the first thing I needed to do was assess my creative space. I’ve always had a dedicated craft space, whether it was my mom’s sewing table or the desk in my college apartment that way never used for actual homework.

Even though I already had a space set up, I can sometimes be a spastic crafter — one day working on a sewing project, the next a scrapbook, and the next whatever DIY project I had found on Pinterest.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by all my ideas and to dos, my space first had to be inviting and inspiring. I wanted sitting down at my sewing table to feel like a treat and not a chore. And so, my first step towards launching my shop was building a space conducive to creating.

It was time to clear away the clutter, the remnants of crafts gone by.

I boxed up the materials and supplies that weren’t going to be essential for the products I had in mind and enlisted my handymom’s help to hang a shelf and rod for tools above my desk.

Making physical space to start a new creative venture also gave me the mental space for the ideas to start flowing. It was so easy to look at my collection of fabrics and see everything coming together. A tailored space allowed my mind to hone in on product development without getting distracted by all the other pretty things.

All that being said, as important as a¬†physical space can be to the creative process, starting a new project does not require a shopping spree to fill a room with the perfect trendy furniture and the best organizational systems. I would have loved to cover a wall with white pegboard or invest in the white Ikea shelves I’m always drooling over. Instead, I made use of things I already had.

The time will come when I’ll be able to splurge on a beautiful craft room that matches my brand perfectly. For now, I am relishing in the space.




And, just to show you how uninspiring my craft space was to start with, here’s a before photo taken with zero clean up first. Please don’t judge me!