A Dose of Leprechaun

Despite having one crazy week, both at work and personally, I’ve been really wanting to get back to blogging. I’m so glad to finally have some daylight hours after work to be able to take photos. Going to work in the dark and getting home in the dark has definitely been draining my motivation lately.

I talked on Instagram a few weeks ago about how long days at work have kept me from doing even the things I want to be doing and typically fill me up in my free time. My solution has been to let go of the 101 things I think I should be doing and just list the top three things I want to be doing. This helps keep me before and after work hours feeling dreamy. Today, taking and posting outfit photos for the first time in what feels like forever made that short list.

But here we are! I loved the subtle green and gold in my St. Patty’s Day outfit. This LOFT skirt and emerald scarf have been staples for me this winter but felt a little extra special with the addition of a gold bangle from Rocksbox. Even six months into my post-grad job, I’m still trying to figure out my professional style. However, this outfit is definitely one that feels like me.