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My One Little Word: A Reflection on 2015 and Goals for 2016

2015 One Little Word - Dive Deep

My guiding word for 2015 was dive, and what a dive the year was. I didn’t just dip my toe into the water – I dove all in. I dove deep into my final terms of college, including a senior thesis and a spring internship doing social media for a marketing agency. I dove deep into the post-grad job search and then even deeper into the resulting job. There was no doubt that dive was the perfect word to guide me through the crazy demands and transitions of 2015.

This year is going to be quite a bit different. I’m here. I’m settled. I don’t foresee any major life changing events taking place this year. My mindset as I head into 2016 is totally different. And yet, I don’t want to lose any of the fire and drive that got me through 2015.

When I think about what life looks like right now, what stands out the most to me are all the different roles I’m filling. I’m a daughter, living at home with my parents post-graduation. I’m a sister to two brothers who are currently in the midst of their senior year of high school and their last season of basketball. I’m a girlfriend, and while 2015 was a year all about me, 2016 is going to be a year all about him as he goes through his own major decision-making and transitioning periods. I’m a digital marketing specialist (now that’s a mouthful!) and, now six months into my job, I can focus on becoming the best that I can be rather than just treading water.

2016 brings with it even more hats to wear. As of January 7, I’ve become the godmother of the most perfect little baby girl and what a joyous role that will be to fill! This year, I want to take back my role of blogger – something that’s been missing from my life for quite some time now. In addition, I hope to add a few new titles to my list: small business owner and creative entrepreneur.

This year’s word is nimble. While the inspiration behind it certainly came from the myriad of roles I’m constantly feeling myself tugged between in my daily life, I’m only beginning to discover what being nimble means to me.

One thing I know for sure is that embracing nimble will allow me to let go of the stress of finding balance. 2015 found me juggling so many roles and constantly feeling frustrated that I couldn’t find the perfect balance of family time, boyfriend time and personal time. I fell short of finding the right split between working, working out and working on the blog. This year, I want to let go of the endless search for the perfect balance and choose to be nimble. I hope to be agile, graceful and adaptable as I embrace the crazy that life is sure to bring this year.