December 2015 archive

A Dose of Wintry Plaid

The bad news is, it’s December, and I’m sharing my first fall capsule wardrobe outfit on the blog. The good news is, I have a stockpile of outfits just waiting to be photographed and posted. Better late than never or too little, too late? You decide.


One of my favorite ways to freshen up my capsule wardrobe as I’m nearing the end of the season is by mixing up my accessories. Even though accessories like scarves and necklaces aren’t limited in my capsule wardrobe, I often fall into a rut and reach for the same pieces over and over again. This scarf is one of those rarely worn pieces since it’s colors can be a little daunting to mix in with an already limited color palette. However, it can give my staple neutrals a whole new look and feel for that same exact reason.


Speaking of staples, I’m thinking my cardigan collection needs a bit of an overhaul for this next capsule wardrobe. I’m finding that most of my layering options fall into the boyfriend cardigan category – perfect for a college campus, not so much for a professional office. This cardigan was actually stolen out of my mom’s closet (perk of living with your parents post-graduation, I guess), and I can’t decide whether to formally include it in my capsule wardrobe or consider it a bonus. Regardless, I think I need to add a basic cardigan or two to my shopping list this month.