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A Dose of Wintry Plaid

The bad news is, it’s December, and I’m sharing my first fall capsule wardrobe outfit on the blog. The good news is, I have a stockpile of outfits just waiting to be photographed and posted. Better late than never or too little, too late? You decide.


One of my favorite ways to freshen up my capsule wardrobe as I’m nearing the end of the season is by mixing up my accessories. Even though accessories like scarves and necklaces aren’t limited in my capsule wardrobe, I often fall into a rut and reach for the same pieces over and over again. This scarf is one of those rarely worn pieces since it’s colors can be a little daunting to mix in with an already limited color palette. However, it can give my staple neutrals a whole new look and feel for that same exact reason.


Speaking of staples, I’m thinking my cardigan collection needs a bit of an overhaul for this next capsule wardrobe. I’m finding that most of my layering options fall into the boyfriend cardigan category – perfect for a college campus, not so much for a professional office. This cardigan was actually stolen out of my mom’s closet (perk of living with your parents post-graduation, I guess), and I can’t decide whether to formally include it in my capsule wardrobe or consider it a bonus. Regardless, I think I need to add a basic cardigan or two to my shopping list this month.


6 Lessons Learned From 6 Years of Blogging

I can’t believe that this little blog has been around for six years. It’s been a bumpy ride, but this is one side hustle I can never seem to give up.

I’ve spent the last few months working on moving the blog from Blogger to WordPress with a new site design. When I realized I could align the launch of the new site with the blog’s sixth anniversary, I began reflecting on this experience so far.

This blog has been the catalyst for essentially all of my goals and dreams over the last six years. The lessons I’ve learned here have made such a difference in my life both personally and professionally. Whether you’re just starting a blog or have been at it just as long as I have, I hope a few of these ring true for you as well.


Write for the audience you want, not the audience you have. Your content should excite you, first and foremost. This has been one of the hardest things for me to learn. When I first started blogging, I was only interested in being a style blogger. I followed many style bloggers and, with hopes of being an editor at a fashion magazine one day, it was a perfect fit. However, those goals have changed. I’ve evolved and realized that this space needs to evolve with me. Style posts definitely won’t be going away anytime soon, but I’m looking forward to introduce more content that is true to my life now.


Find your community. This is probably one of the single most important things you can do for your blog. It can also be one of the hardest. Finding a group of people who understand your obsession with social media and why you must photograph everything can be daunting, especially when you’re first starting out. However, I am so thankful for my blogging bestie who encouraged me when I was lacking enthusiasm and supported me when I dreamed big. I might have given this whole thing up for good if it wasn’t for her.


Test and change. As a personal style blog started when I was 16, this space has been the epitome of “test and change” when it comes to my wardrobe. I’ve shared many outfits on this blog that would make me cringe today. However, I’ve only recently learned to apply that idea (which I first heard on the Being Boss podcast) to the blog as well. Devoting yourself to an online space means that space will evolve and grow with you.


Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. Before social media had grown into the marketing and personal branding powerhouse it is now, there were link ups, guests blogs and trails of comments. The point is not to get trapped in the idea that just because you’ve put all your effort into creating the greatest content ever, that your ideal audience will automatically come flocking to your site. It’s important to spend just as much, if not more time, promoting content as you do creating it.


Find your voice. The phrase “Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken.” is so applicable in blogging. It can be tempting to echo your favorite bloggers in terms of content and voice, but carving out your own style makes the difference between just another blog on the internet and a site that readers check daily.


Forcing a quantity of content won’t lead to quality content. I’ve gone through spurts where I’ve barely blogged at all and blogged every single day. While writing consistently is definitely the best way to develop your voice, forced content is never good content. I’m having to remind myself of this lately. The excitement of getting back into blogging has me tempted to fill my content calendar with daily posts. However, I know this will only lead to posts that don’t get written or content that is only half-baked.

So here’s to lessons learned, the ups and downs along the way and the girl who, six Thanksgivings ago, decided to bite the bullet and start a blog.

A Dose of Dots

Neutrals are my jam right now. I found myself gravitating towards all neutrals with a few pops of color when putting together both my fall and winter capsule wardrobes. Although I’m not working with a strict capsule wardrobe right now, my style has remained about the same. Neutrals just make it so easy to put together easy stylish outfits, something I definitely needed during my spring internship and even now while working from home. I especially love patterned or textured neutral pieces like this dotted blazer and these gold snakeskin patterned flats.

Blazer, flats: Target / tank, ponte pants: Nordstrom Rack

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