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A Dose of Spring

It was finally warm enough this week to ditch my tights for a day! That is equal parts amazing and terrible because, although I love the sunshine, my legs are so white they’re practically blue and I can’t bring myself to bare them completely just yet. Even one of my professors commented on how pale I am compared to my classmates who came back from spring break with tans. Unfortunately, as the daughter of a redhead, my skin being anything but pasty white would require the work of a miracle.

The over-the-knee socks and boots were a good compromise. I could enjoy semi-bare legs without scaring everyone on campus. I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about the super high socks when I left for class, but since I had already put the outfit together and didn’t have time to come up with something else, I just decided to go for it. I’ve been feeling like I play it too safe with my outfits lately and have been falling into a bit of a rut so this was definitely good to mix things up! I got quite a few stares on campus, but Miss Callie of Coffee and Cardigans approved and I really like how it looks in these pictures so I’m going to chalk this outfit up as a win!

How do you feel about over-the-knee socks (or boots, for that matter)? I’d love to hear your opinion!

Dress, boots: Nordstrom Rack / cardigan: JCPenney / socks: American Apparel


A Dose of Late Winter Neutrals

I know it’s technically spring now, but with all the rainy weather we’ve been having, it won’t truly feel like spring for at least another couple weeks. These photos were actually taken on one of the first truly sunny days we’ve had this year, but I’ve been hoarding them and waiting for the perfect time to post them (who knows why?). It’s starting to get a little ridiculous and so even though I’m lacking the inspiration to wax poetic about this outfit, here it is. Basically, I just really love this dress and love the way it looks in an all-neutral outfit. I have a feeling both this dress and scarf are going to become new favorites of mine. That’s it.

Photos are thanks to¬†Callie of Coffee and Cardigans. Be sure to check out her lovely blog if you haven’t already!

Scarf: Nordstrom / dress: Ruche / belt: Forever 21 / tights: Hue / boots: Nordstrom Rack


Create52 Update

I posted here about my New Year’s resolution to take the time to create something every week. Almost three months later, I’m going strong with eleven weeks of creative projects down and I’m loving this challenge.

I was worried that after a few weeks I would start running out of project ideas or that, especially during midterms and finals weeks, I just wouldn’t have time to work on anything. However, I’m actually finding that the opposite is true. The more projects I complete, the more inspired I am to start a new one. I’m also excited about the variety of crafts I’ve been working on – from home decor and quilts to apparel and paper crafts. I posted about my Out and About dress here and my DIY heart garland that was part of our Valentine’s Day dinner here.

Since I’ve now made it through an entire term with this challenge, I’ve realized that it’s not entirely unrealistic to take a little time each week to work on something creative. Of course, there were weeks where I was insanely busy and only had 30 minutes to put towards a project, but there were also weeks where I was able to bust out multiple crafts. Honestly, working on a craft project every week has become kind of addicting and I’m loving it!

In the coming weeks, I’m planning on sewing a lot more apparel items as well as working on a few tutorials to post here. You can follow along with me on Instagram with #create52.

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