March 2014 archive

A Dose of Glitter

I’m not usually a glitter kind of girl, but I’m totally in love with the gold-flecked black knit that I used to make my first Out and About Dress. This is definitely my new favorite dress and I plan on making many more! This is probably one of the most comfortable dresses I’ve ever owned and I love that it’s perfect for a laid-back day of classes, but the gold sparkle makes it a little special and I could probably dress it up as well.

If you’re interested in sewing at all, I highly recommend this pattern! It is so easy to follow and comes together so quickly. It only took me one evening to cut out the dress (and that included taping the pattern together and tracing my size) and one evening to sew it together.

Jacket: Nordstrom / scarf: selfmade / dress: selfmade Out and About Dress / fleece-lined tights: Legale / boots: Target

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