A Dose of Leather

I never used to be a forgetful person, but lately my memory seems to be failing me more and more often. Nowadays, if I don’t write everything down either in my planner, on a to-do list, or as a reminder on my phone, I will forget to do it. Last Friday, I had a final term paper due by 5 pm. I had finished it the day before, giving myself time to edit and add to it if I needed to. However, Friday afternoon, my roommate began telling me about the papers she had due and a lightbulb went off in my head – I had completely forgotten that I still needed to email my paper to my professor! I had gotten so wrapped up in everything else I was tackling that day (and I was actually being very productive) that I had mentally checked the term paper off of my list of things to do. I thanked her profusely for reminding me and opened up my email to send the paper off. Now I’m not sure what happened after that because at 5:37 pm it hit me that I had never actually emailed my paper. I let out a few colorful words and my stomach just dropped as I recalled it had specifically been stated than any papers received after 5 pm, no matter how soon, would be docked a full letter grade. I pulled out my computer and, sure enough, the email was still open, just buried beneath all of my other tabs and windows. Ugh!

Similarly, these photos, which I swear feel like I just took the other day, are actually from November – I just forgot to post them. Which is surprising, considering this was actually one of my favorite outfits from this fall. I totally rediscovered this leather jacket which was an amazing clearance find from my days of working at Nordstrom Rack (it was originally nearly $200 and I got it for about $20). I love the way various neutrals look layered together and I’ve found myself leaning towards neutrals a lot more lately. Hopefully you guys will be as forgiving as my professors (who graciously let my late paper slide) and still appreciate this outfit even if it is a few months late.


Scarf: selfmade / jacket: BB Dakota / dress, boots: Nordstrom / tights: Hue / belt: Forever 21