February 2014 archive

A Dose of Winter Layers

This term has felt like such a roller coaster. One day I have no idea where all the time has gone. The next day I can’t believe it’s only week seven and I wish time was moving a little faster. I’m trying to enjoy things as they are, but I’m just starting to feel anxious to get my life moving along. It’s starting to sink in that I have about a year left before I finish school and there’s a lot I want to accomplish before then. At the same time, I feel like I’ve just hit the ground running since the beginning of the year. Suffice to say, this blog has suffered a little bit. I do have lots of plans for fun blog posts in the next few weeks though so things should be picking up a bit around here!

These photos were taken during the massive snowstorm Portland was hit with over my birthday weekend. I definitely was not planning for snow when I packed to go home for the weekend and so I ended up digging into what’s left of my closet at home for extra layers. This actually worked out in my favor because I was forced to try new things, such as layering a turtleneck under a summer dress. I’ve seen this look all over the runways and the blogosphere in recent months, but my hatred of turtlenecks that has persisted from my elementary school years kept me from trying it out. After giving it a shot, I can actually say that I look forward to wearing more turtlenecks! This is such an easy cozy look that’s a little more unique than your typical winter layers.

Turtleneck: Target / dress: American Eagle / tights: Hue / boots: Nordstrom B.P.

DIY Heart Garland

Even though I’ve been feeling like a little bit of a grinch this Valentine’s Day since I don’t get to spend the day with my sweetheart, I still love the holiday. What’s not to love about a holiday filled with hearts and pink on everything? In honor of Valentine’s Day, I whipped up this little heart garland. It was super easy to make and pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself.
To make your own, you’ll need:
Fabric scraps (I did mine all in shades of pink, but you could choose any color you like)
Quilt batting (I just used the scraps from my last quilt)
Sewing machine and thread


  1. Cut a heart shape out of paper to use as a template and pin to your fabric. Cut out your first heart. Because the paper is so stiff, I used this first fabric heart as my guide to cut out all the rest.
  2. Cut out about 28 hearts. I ended up not using all of mine, but I figured it’s better to have a few extra than to have to go back and cut out more.
  3. Trim your paper template by 1/4 inch on all sides. Use this to cut smaller heart shapes out of the batting. Cut out about 28 of these as well.
  4. Trim off a 5 foot piece of twine.
  5. Create a heart sandwich by layering one fabric heart right side down, then a batting heart, twine, another batting heart, and another fabric heart right side up. Make sure to place the twine in the upper two thirds section of your heart, otherwise it will be top heavy and all your hearts will flip upside down when you go to hang it up!
  6. Pin your heart sandwich together, making sure to pin down the twine.
  7. Stitch 1/4 inch all the way around the sides.
  8. Complete for the rest of the hearts. I didn’t measure the spacing between my hearts, just eyeballed it instead. You could easily measure if you want to be sure it’s consistent though.
My heart garland is currently hanging above my bed, making it the perfect place to curl up with a glass of wine and Netflix tonight!

Things I Learned on My Last Day of Being Twenty

Yesterday I drove up to Portland from Eugene for my birthday weekend. Though the forecast called for snow, I doubted that we would see more than a few flake, if we got any at all. However, when my mom called me at 7:30 am to suggest I get on the road early, the streets and rooftops had already collected about an inch of fluffy white powder. Since I had already driven home for winter break on icy and snowy streets (my first time ever driving in the snow), I felt fairly confident that I could get myself out of Eugene and that once I hit the freeway, everything would be fine. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up taking I5 at about 40 mph to be on the safe side even though cars, SUVs, and semis were all passing me right and left. By the time I got to Albany, it was a full on blizzard. I could barely see ten feet in front of me and my windshield wipers couldn’t keep up with the snow to the point that they did absolutely nothing and my windshield became a sheet of ice. I reached the 20-car pileup that has been all over the news just minutes after it happened and crawled my way through what felt like a car graveyard. I began to freak out when I noticed that a handful of the cars involved had been ones that had passed me earlier. All in all, it took me almost five hours to complete what should have been a 2-hour drive, but I made it home safe and sound, with only a little scratch to show for my treacherous little adventure.

This is what I learned:
  1.  I am much more resourceful and “street smart” than I often give myself credit for.
  2.  Crying solves nothing.
  3.  But driving 10 miles per hour down the freeway does.
  4.  It’s ok to “go your own way” – whether that means going super slow when everyone else is speeding on a snow-covered highway, pulling over to take a breather, or in any other circumstance life may throw at me.
  5.  Airplane mode not only means that you will conserve your phone battery, but also that your panicking mother will not be able to reach you on said phone.
Now I’m snowed in and hoping to make the best of my 21st birthday!