I’m not very good at making New Year’s resolutions. That’s partly because my years feel marked more by the start of a new school year than the turn of the calendar and partly because I can only stick with goals if they are super specific and, most of the time, I struggle to come up with something super specific every New Year. This year, my New Year’s resolution is really more of a personal challenge: to do something creative every week for the next year. It can be anything from knitting or sewing to DIYing something for my apartment. I don’t even have to finish an entire project each week. Basically, I just want to set aside a little time in each busy week to be creative and invest time in things I enjoy doing.

I have always been crafty and creative – my mom and all of my grandmas are very crafty and so I grew up constantly making things with them – but it’s easy to let those fun projects slip when things like school, work, and relationships take priority in your life.When I am in the middle of a creative project, I am much more passionate and excited about life in general and I want to make the effort to be that way more often. I’m planning on using Instagram to keep me accountable and track all the different projects I work on throughout the year and I’ll probably be posting about it here too. Looking forward to 52 weeks full of craftiness!