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A Dose of Fall Plaid

I’ve had this dress for the longest time and while it hasn’t gotten much wear the last couple years, I’m determined to remedy that this fall. I love the navy and hunter green plaid layered under a slouchy gray knit top and paired with a brown leather belt and boots. This is pretty much the perfect outfit for fall and we had the best weather the other day so I was actually able to run around in this sans coat and scarf! As much as I love fall, I hate the weather getting colder so I’m glad we’ve had at least a couple of warmer days before the rain and cold temperatures set in for the next six months!

Top: Nordstrom Rack / dress, belt: Forever 21 / tights: Hue / boots: Kohl’s

A Dose of Chevron

This outfit exemplifies everything I’m loving this fall: chunky infinity scarves, a brown and navy color palette, and jackets in place of cardigans. While I will always love a good cardigan and still wear them on a very regular basis, lately I’ve been reaching for a variety of jackets in outfit where I might normally have worn a cardigan. This outfit, for example, would have been totally cute with a navy, brown, or cream cardigan, but I love the extra texture, structure, and pop of light blue color my jean jacket adds. I usually only pull out my denim jackets during the spring and summer, but I’m thinking even this light wash denim jacket can totally be a year-round staple. I’m looking forward to pairing it with darker colors in the winter. Also, my handmade infinity scarf has gotten so much wear in the last month, I think I need to make a bunch more of them in all different colors! I’ve been knitting a ton in the last few weeks and it’s starting to become something I need to do in order to relax at night. I can’t sit down to watch Netflix without have something to keep my hands busy!

Scarf: handmade / jean jacket: American Eagle / dress, boots: Nordstrom Rack / belt: Forever 21 / tights: Hue

A Dose of Fall Casual

I don’t know what it is about this fall, but I’ve been leaning on a few go-to outfits more than ever this season. It’s not necessarily that I’m in a rut or lacking inspiration, but when it’s thirty degrees out or raining and I have to walk to my 8 a.m. class, it’s just easier to reach for a no-fuss outfit that I know works. While I’m actually kind of proud of how easy it’s become for me to put together a comfy outfit without reaching for sweats (believe it or not, that was actually something I struggled with for a while), it means that all of the other creative, stylish, fun outfits I’ve put together don’t make it out of my closet. I need to get that figured out since I can only blame it on the rain and freezing temps for so long!

 Jacket: Nordstrom / scarf: gift / chambray, boots: Target / ponte pants: Nordstrom Rack

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