Merry Techy Christmas!

My holiday wishlist is pretty simple this year, with just a handful of things I really need/want. I’m hoping for an iPad mini from my parents, which would be so helpful for school and blogging! Here’s a look at the rest of my wishlist:

  1.  Hard case for my Macbook Pro. My Macbook gets a ton of use and goes with me almost everywhere! I’ve started to notice a couple dings on it so I’d love to get a protective hard case for it. I especially love these see-thru cases in pool and raspberry.
  2.  Floral key decals. I absolutely love these pretty little keyboard decals. It would be so fun to get these for Christmas to jazz up my keyboard since I spend so much time working on the computer.
  3. Jot Script stylus. This stylus would be the perfect companion for taking an iPad to class! It works with Evernote’s note-taking system, which I already use and love, so I would not only have access to all my notes on all of my iOS devices, but I’d also be able to easily search through them.
  4. Keyboard cover for iPad mini. This cool little device is a cover, a keyboard, and a stand for the iPad mini, all in one! This would be so convenient to have for class, homework, and blogging!
  5. iPhone cover. My phone is due for an upgraded cover and I love this pretty rose-print, hard-sided one from Rifle Paper Co.
  6. Floral backpack. I have a backpack almost identical to this one (it’s from the Olsenboye line at JCPenney) but after two years of use, it desperately needs to be replaced. I’m so glad they still make one similar to mine, because I love it!
  • Great picks! I have been thinking about getting a stylus for my iPad for a while now. It would probably make note taking a lot easier. Love that iphone case too!