A Dose of Snow, Snow, Snow

Friday morning, I woke up to about four inches of snow, which in northwest Oregon is always some kind of Christmas miracle. What’s even more amazing is how long this snow has stuck around! Every morning, I wake up expecting it to be gone, but five days later it’s still there. Now I’m starting to worry about how I’m going to get home for winter break! But snow is such a rare treat that it’s definitely worth it. Even though I’ve been stuck inside writing papers and studying for finals, it’s so pretty to look at and makes every little trek onto campus a little more exciting.

Of course, what kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn’t take outfit photos in the snow? Sunday morning I slipped and slid my way to the grocery store to get whipped cream for my hot chocolate and notecards for studying and took a few photos. It’s actually been fun to have an excuse to break out all my winter accessories – it’s been hats and scarves and gloves galore around here! However, I definitely realized this week that I really don’t know how to dress (or walk) in the snow. As much as I wish it snowed more often here, I don’t know how I would keep this little fashion blog running if it did!

For more gorgeous photos of our winter wonderland, be sure to check out Callie’s blog!

Cardigan: gift / scarf, hat, boots: Nordstrom B.P. / dress: Nordstrom Rack / tights: Hue