Throwback Thursday

It seems almost sacrilege to be posting an outfit featuring bare arms and legs when it was in the 20s this morning as I was walking to class, but I’m so thankful I have these leftover pictures Eric took for me because it is way too cold right now to take off my coat for pictures even for just ten minutes. I wore this outfit during my final week at my internship and I love it because it reminds me of something I would have worn in the earlier days of this blog. That’s probably because I’ve had each of these pieces for at least three years. I don’t think I’ve worn them all together before, but I could be wrong. This dress was indispensable this summer for wearing into the office. It’s comfortable enough for my two hour commute and is pretty effortless to wear so I never had to be concerned about whether my outfit was working when I was getting dressed at 5 a.m. in the dark. The ruffle detail and spotted pattern combined with the studded belt and drapey cardigan made me feel stylish but not like I was trying too hard or calling too much attention to myself. This outfit just hit the sweet spot for office dressing.

 Cardigan: Nordstrom / dress: H&M / belt: Michael Kors / Flats: Target
  • love the colors here – emerald and leopard are a match made in heaven. but 2 hour commute! ugh! i could so not do that. ):

  • This is such a pretty outfit! I really love the emerald and leopard combo, it's so elegant!
    Haha, it's been really cold here, too, but for some reason I can never get ahead and have leftover outfit pictures for super cold days. Oh well! At least being pregnant means I am generally warmer anyway, so risking 20 minutes for pictures doesn't bother me as much.

  • I am super jealous of you wearing short sleeves and a dress without tights! Here in MN it is currently 25 degrees. COLD COLD COLD.