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A Dose of Fall Work Style

This whole back-to-school transition thing was a little rougher than I anticipated. Not only am I having fall outfit woes, but I’m also missing my photographer/boyfriend and I came down a nasty cold all of last week that left me barely able to make it to class and back. Fortunately, I’m feeling a lot better and Eric and I had the wherewithal to stock up on outfit pictures before I headed back to school. This means that even though I wore an outfit today for the third time in the last week, I get to share with you one of my favorite looks from my internship this summer. These pictures are from early September so this is definitely more of a warm-weather fall look than a summer outfit. I love this handmade dress so much and if I had more time this summer, I definitely would have made another one. This is one of those patterns that I think is so flattering and timeless, that I would love to have at least a couple more dresses in this style. I will be pulling this pattern out again next spring for sure! I just felt so ladylike and confident in this dress with a cardigan belted over it and a little wedge heel.
Cardigan: Express / Dress: Butterick 5582 / Belt: Forever 21 / Shoes: AEO

A Dose of Fall Florals

I know I should probably be grateful for the fall weather here in Oregon and the fact that I can bundle up in layers of sweaters, boots, jackets, and scarves, but honestly I feel like our weather changed so quickly here that I never had time to adjust. We went from 80 degrees and what I was hoping would be an Indian summer to near freezing temperatures in what seemed like overnight. I never even had a chance to wear all of the summer-to-fall transition outfits I had planned. So now I’m just feeling bitter about it and throwing on the same few go-to outfits until I can either get the chance to wear all the bare-legged outfits I had planned or face reality and start figuring out some real fall outfits. In the meantime, I’ll just resent all the bloggers talking about the fact that it’s finally cold enough to wear a scarf while I can see my breath as I walk to class in the mornings.

 Jacket, dress, belt: Forever 21 / Scarf: Target / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohls

Back to College Essentials

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In honor of making it through the first week of classes, I thought I’d share my must-have items for going back to college. These are the things that I could not make it through the school year without and the things I believe every college girl should have on hand when classes start. I own all of these items (or a different version of them) and use them day in and day out.
1. Riding boots: These probably get the most wear out of anything else in my closet. I wear them over skinny jeans and with nearly all of my skirts and dresses. Paired with tights, they keep my legs warm while walking to class and my feet dry when it rains. I actually just replaced my brown boots with these (from Target!). I tend not to spend a ton of money on them because my last pair of boots, which only cost me $50, lasted for three years of wearing them almost every day and styles can change so it’s nice to upgrade them when they do wear out.
2. Cozy layers: When I first got to college my freshman year, I was shocked by how cold it was walking to class in the mornings! After spending my entire life basically going from warm car to warm building in the winter, I had never spent a ton of time walking around in the cold on a regular basis. When I came home for winter break, I knew I needed to stock up on warm sweaters, scarves, hats, and gloves.
3. Light jacket: I practically live in my military style anorak during the fall and spring months, when it’s too cold to go without a jacket, but not cold enough for a heavy duty coat. It’s the perfect layering piece and goes with just about everything. Sometimes I need to restrain myself or I would end up only wearing this jacket layered over all of my dresses.
4. Cute backpack: For long days on campus or even short trips home, this is my go-to bag. I can stuff it full of everything I need and it doesn’t look out of place with my cute outfits.
5. Fun umbrella: Some people say that true Oregonians don’t use umbrellas, but I don’t buy that. Smart Oregonians carry an umbrella with them at all times. Walking to class in the rain is never any fun, but a cute umbrella can make it slightly more bearable.
6. Crossbody bag: When I’m only worried about packing what I need for one class, I love my crossbody bag! It’s big enough to carry my notebook and textbooks, it zips so that my things stay dry, and it is so much easier to carry than your typical over-the-shoulder bag.
7. Rain boots: Rain boots are the thing I believe you should invest in the most. They can make a huge difference when it’s absolutely pouring and are my number one choice when I’m planning on spending a lot of time outside (especially for tailgating and football games). Though Hunter boots may be the obvious choice, I love my Sperry Topsider boots. The quilted upper part of the boots keeps my calves super warm, which I seriously appreciate during the winter. Classic rain boots don’t go out of style very quickly, so if you invest in a quality pair, they can last you a long time.
8. Peacoat: I have peacoats in black, white, and grey and they are invaluable during the colder months. I make sure to size up when I buy them so that I can fit lots of warm layers underneath. My absolute favorite coat is my grey one from Tulle, but this mustard one is really fun for fall!
What are your must-have items right now?

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