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A Dose of Boho

Ninety-five percent of the time, I’m a dresses and skirts kind of girl. I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me in real life or via this blog. Dresses are just what I feel most comfortable in, what I think I look best in, and what I’m drawn to the most when shopping. Usually my jeans are relegated to lazy days and worn with a sweatshirt while studying or working on sewing project. I don’t really know what got into me the other day, but I decided to dress up an old pair of jeans. It probably had something to do with all the denim looks I’ve been seeing around the blogosphere, but I was actually pretty excited to try out this look. I really love the combination of all the neutrals and different textures going on in this outfit, from the creamy knit vest and flowing floral tank to the faded denim and the woven detail on my wedges. This is my attempt at a boho casual look, although I’m missing a giant stack of bracelets on each wrist. But then again, I always forget about accessories. I’ll have to save playing with accessories for another day. A girl can only take so many changes at once.
( Vest: Nordstrom / Tank: Nordstrom Rack / Jeans: American Eagle / Wedges: Target )

What you think about my attempt to deviate from dresses and skirts? Do you prefer jeans or dresses?

A Dose of Blue Lace

My hair is feeling so long nowadays! When I cut off all of my hair back in March, it was chin length and now, especially when I wear it straight, it’s past my shoulders. Sometimes, when I look back at old pictures I really miss my super long hair, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to having it that long. Short hair is just way too easy. However, I am looking forward to my hair growing long enough to wear it in all the cute buns and other hairstyles I’ve been pinning. Speaking of Pinterest, I also pinned a bunch of fall outfits today, but I am really not ready for summer to come to an end. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, which has just been a reminder to enjoy the last few weeks of sunshine because soon it will be rainy and cold all the time. I plan on wearing all of my sundresses and shorts for as long as I can before switching over to fall staples, like sweaters, tights and boots. I can’t believe I only have two more weeks left of my internship and then, after that, I have about a week and a half before school starts. As much as I’m not ready for summer to end, I am really looking forward to that week to tackle all of the DIY projects I have planned for my apartment!

 ( Necklace: Target / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Sandals: Payless )

A Dose of School Spirit

On Saturday, Eric and I had tickets to the first Duck game of the season (generously donated to the Poor College Students Fund by my season-ticket-holding mom and dad). We were both really excited to head down to Eugene for the game. I’ve been going to Oregon football games my whole life but this was only the second time Eric and I have been able to go together. Football games at Autzen Stadium are always so loud, crazy, and so much fun! I was also looking forward to wearing my yellow dress that I picked up at Nordstrom Rack for about $6 last summer. I love sporting my school’s colors in something besides the typical t-shirt and the yellow dress with a green belt and gold accessories is super cute and fun for a late summer game. We had a blast, of course, and the Ducks beat Nicholls State 66-3. Whoo!

( Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Sandals, Belt: Target / Purse, aviators: Nordstrom BP )

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