A Dose of Phillip Lim

On Monday, Eric and I headed into downtown Portland for a fun date that I had planned to take advantage of our last full day together before school starts. We are so lucky to live within 20 minutes of an amazing city and yet we never really take advantage of it. Especially since we’ve had to stop rock climbing due to Eric’s injured wrist, we hardly ever make it downtown. It’s definitely a goal of mine to start taking advantage of everything Portland has to offer, from fun concerts to cute restaurants and coffee shops to excellent shopping. I was able to navigate us through downtown Portland without getting us lost (not terribly) and we hit up the food carts for lunch, browsed the books at Powell’s (and each left with a small stack), and then headed to Salt and Straw for some ice cream. It was so much fun to explore Portland together, try new things, and do something a little different. I hope we have lots more of these sorts of dates in our future!
One a completely different note, I absolutely love my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target that I picked up for heading back to school. My Target was a frenzy on the day the line launched – the shelves were bare in about two minutes and I snatched this bag out of a restock bin just out of reach of another girl and from beneath the foot of someone else. It was madness! I don’t do Black Friday shopping, so this was seriously a shock to my system! Fortunately, I made it out with all my fingers and toes and a cute bag that’s just the right size to hold my notebooks and laptop for class. I even got to use a $10-off coupon on it – how’s that for some savvy shopping?!
( Top, pants: Nordstrom Rack / 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, boots: Target )