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Life Lately

It has been raining the last three days which, for me, is so bittersweet. As much as I’ve been loving my gorgeous, sunny commute across the Puget Sound, I also kind of loved the rain today. It sounds cheesy, but there’s something so “Twilight-esque” about the winding roads lined with towering evergreen trees and the tiny, one-stoplight towns when they’re under a thick layer of gray clouds and pouring rain. Everything seems cozier and more mysterious at the same time. The rain makes it feel like fall is so much closer, which it really is, considering my brothers head back to high school next week. The type A personality in me gets a little excited about getting back into the routine of school and starting new classes, but mostly I really don’t want summer to end. It always seems to go by so fast, propelled by long work weeks and the constant anticipation of the weekends. So it’s nice to take a step back at look at the places I’ve been and both the fun and enriching experiences I’ve had so far this summer. And to remind myself that I still have five weeks left before I have to start hitting the books again and that’s plenty of time to squeeze in a few more adventures.

*Also, I just did battle with a three inch long spider and won, so I’d say today was a success.

A Dose of Mint, Teal, and Magenta

I originally bought this mint colored denim jacket to go with my doughnut dress, but I wasn’t in love with the way they looked together so I ended up pairing it with this floral dress instead. I love how it brings out the mint flowers in the pattern and I think the mint, teal, and hot pink colors work really well together. I really want to style this jean jacket with a few of my other dresses before the end of summer and maybe even find a way to make it work for fall too. 
I’m a little surprised at how fast this week is going by. Usually coming back from vacation can take some time to adjust back into work, but aside from being a little extra tired, this week is flying by. I can’t believe how close it’s getting to the end of summer. Even though I still have five weeks left till I head back to school, since August is almost over, I’m starting to feel that urgency to squeeze in as much as I can with the time I have left. Do you have any fun plans for the last few weeks of summer?
( Jacket, belt: Forever 21 / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Sandals: LOFT )

A Dose of the Bombshell

Well, I can’t believe I’m actually posting photos of myself in a swimsuit. For one thing, it’s a swimsuit (yikes!). For another, you’d think if I was going to take pictures of myself in a swimsuit, I’d at least make sure I was having a good hair day first. But that’s day three of unshowered camping hair right there, so bear with me!

I really just wanted to share the high-waisted bikini bottoms I made using The Bombshell pattern from Closet Case Files. I had seen a bunch of these 50s style suits floating around the blogosphere and wanted to give the high-waisted look a try so I whipped one up last week for our beach trip. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I managed to find the perfect teal color to go with a bunch of my bikini tops so I’m excited to mix-and-match it and, frankly, it’s nice to have something that’s a little more covered up for those days when I don’t feel like stripping down to a teensy bikini. This suit was super comfortable too. It didn’t ride up hardly at all during an entire afternoon of skimboarding and I wore it for about four hours without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. I actually really want to make another one, I just can’t decide what color to do next! I’m also thinking about making one of the one-piece Bombshell suits. If you feel like braving the handmade swimsuit territory, I would definitely recommend this pattern. I had never made a swimsuit before, but I followed the Sewalong on Closet Case Files and it turned out great!

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