A Dose of Girly, A Dash of Tomboy

Have you seen that back-to-school commercial for JCPenney with the sassy tween girl who lays down the law for the new school year? First of all, that kid is awesome. Second, that ad is exactly what this outfit reminds me of. I totally feel like I could be ruling the playground in this. The beat-up jean jacket and knotted-up t-shirt have that tough, cool factor and balance the girliness of the rose print skirt and sequin covered ballet flats (it helps that the floral pattern is a little edgy also). If I were heading back to school this week, this is definitely what I would be wearing.
Eric and I actually headed over to my old elementary school to take these pictures. We snapped these shots on the black top near the tetherball courts and then headed over to the swings for some big kid playtime. It was a ton of fun showing Eric around my old stomping grounds. I showed Eric the spot under the slide where my friends and I would hide out to talk about boys, the monkey bars where I broke my arm, even the place where I got bullied when I was little. I was amazed at how many memories I had of that playground that I hadn’t thought about for the longest time. I could probably have gone on for hours about all the good memories I have there and it was so much fun to relive all of it. 
( Jacket: American Eagle / Tee: Forever 21 / Skirt: Nordstrom / Flats: Nordstrom Rack )