Life Lately

This summer, I’m doing a marketing internship in Seattle three days a week which has required a ton of driving in between Portland and Seattle. I’ve got quite a commute, but part of it involves a ferry ride and I’m absolutely loving the thirty minutes to an hour a day that I get to just look out the window or read a book. I’ve already finished The Light Between Oceans and The Time Traveler’s Wife (on audiobook), both of which were so so good and I can’t recommend enough! I’ve really been enjoying the work I’m doing at my internship as well and it’s really helping me figure out my own career goals, which makes all the driving totally worth it. I’m really trying to make the most of the free time I have at home to spend with Eric and work on fun posts for this blog. I’m also learning how to make my own coffee! This is a pretty big deal for me because two years ago, I absolutely hated coffee. That’s what college does to you, I guess!

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