Floral Dresses and Zombies

On Saturday, Eric and I drove out to Multnomah Falls to do some light hiking and take photos. Eric is really turning into quite the photographer and took some awesome pictures of the falls and of our hike. We had such a fun morning taking advantage of the one warm day we’ve had since I’ve been home for the summer. Afterwards, we cleaned up and went out to dinner at one of our favorite pizza places for a belated Father’s Day celebration with my family and grandparents.  I definitely relished in the chance to get a little dressed up. Give me a pretty floral dress, my favorite jacket, some cute sandals, a mint watch and I’m a happy girl! Eric looked pretty snazzy himself in his new birthday clothes (I should have snapped a picture!). After dinner, my brothers, my dad, Eric and I went to see World War Z. I’m a pretty big scaredy-cat in general and especially when it comes to zombies, so I will admit that I really only watched about half the movie. We saw it in the fanciest 3D form so I attribute that for a lot of my jumpiness. Unfortunately, Eric’s arm took quite the beating from my nails during all of the scary parts. All in all though, I really did enjoy the movie! I got Eric the book for his birthday, which my dad says is nothing like the movie, so I’m curious to see how he likes that. I might even have to borrow it from him when he’s done. Next up, Eric’s got me all set to watch all the seasons of The Walking Dead this summer – that boy loves his zombies! Now, who wants to paint nails and watch The Notebook with me? 😉

( Jacket: Nordstrom / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Watch: Timex / Sandals: Payless )
  • I'm obsessed with the Walking Dead! I have to look away when it gets too intense, but the show definitely hooks you in!

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