Closet Diary 5.17.13

I love my black maxi skirt – it’s super comfy and just warm enough for chilly spring days. However, I wish I could say it goes with everything. It does not. When I bought it, I thought I would be able to wear it all the time, but so far I’ve only been able to come up with two combinations that really work: this outfit and this one. Part of that could be the fact that my legs are too long for this skirt to start at my waist, which is how I see many maxi skirts styled. I guess I’ll just have to work harder at coming up with other was to wear this one.

On a completely different note, taking my own outfit pictures the last couple weeks has been a struggle! I’m just so out of practice and today it was super windy so my tripod kept blowing over! Yikes!

( Cardigan: Old Navy / Tank, skirt: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Forever 21 / Sandals: Target ) 

Also, check out that cute squirrel on the gravestone! He was just hanging out and watching me take my pictures the whole time.

  • Love this maxi skirt on you! They are my absolute favorites. If it's too long for you, get it hemmed! As soon as I did that to my too-long maxis, I started wearing them ALL the time. Best decision EVER.