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Closet Diary 3.19.13

I wore this outfit today for a lunch date with some girlfriends. We went to a super cute coffee shop for soup and sandwiches and then got even cuter cupcakes to top it all off. Since the forecast was for rain, I had to switch out the blazer for a rain coat and the flats for tights and boots. Still, I really love this tee and skirt together. I bought this skirt to wear for my grad party senior year but I’ve only worn it once or twice since then and I’m thinking that needs to change. What’s not to love about some magenta floral for spring? And the studded detail on the waistband means I don’t have to wear a belt (so I could eat as much as I wanted at lunch today without having to worry about cutting off my blood supply).

Eric is hopefully coming down to visit this weekend so I’m looking forward to a fun, sunny weekend with him. Unfortunately, the Internet at my apartment is out (I’m camped out on an eerily empty campus on a Friday night to post this), so my plans to watch Mad Men until Eric gets here aren’t going to work out. I guess I’ll have to go find myself a good book or a few magazines! Have a great weekend!

( Blazer, skirt: Nordstrom / Tee: Nordstrom Rack / Flats: Charlotte Russe )

Closet Diary 3.18.13

Apparently, this outfit was not a hit with the menfolk. My brother asked me if I was really going to wear that and Eric told me I look like a preschool teacher. Silly boys, don’t they know that coral is big for spring? Regardless, I’m pretty excited about this Prabal Garung for Target cardigan that I picked up for my birthday. For the past couple years, Target has released a designer collaboration the weekend of my birthday which means, if you give me money as a gift, you can pretty much be guaranteed that it will be going towards a piece from a Target line. Fun for me, but also a tiny bit dangerous! In fact, I still regret not buying this Prabal Garung dress when I had the chance!

( Cardigan: Prabal Garung for Target / Dress: H&M / Shoes: Alice and Olivia for Payless )
* Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I kind of love the candid shot Eric got of me (above). See how happy he makes me? Cue the awww.

Closet Diary 4.16.13

When I wore this outfit to my literature class, my professor, who’s an older lady and a bit quirky but insanely intelligent, told me she “intensely admired” my scarf and then threatened to rip it off my neck. How’s that for a compliment?! This outfit was one of those that just came together haphazardly in the morning, but I ended up really liking it. It’s the perfect outfit for the sunny, but still chilly spring weather we’ve been having. I love that it doesn’t just scream spring and would work just as well during the summer or early fall. This outfit was also perfect for a fro-yo date with Eric while I was home this weekend (just ignore my pink knees from crossing my legs!).

( Jacket, dress: Nordstrom / Scarf: my mom’s / Flats: Target )

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