Life Lately

1. Accidentally matched with my roomie on one of the first warm days of spring
2. Spent a couple weekends at home at the beginning of the term. Somehow spending time with my family makes me miss them that much more.
3. I’ve been wanted to experiment more with cooking and these brown sugar baked fries were a good way to start!
4. I love lunch dates with Eric, even if he never smiles for my pictures!
5. Missing this boy and his cat.
6. Missing my sweet girl too.
7. Had a great lunch date with friends at the cutest coffee shop
8. Braving my pasty bare legs on a not quite warm enough day
9. I just love all the pretty trees on campus right now
10. Loving all the great weather we’ve been having, both in Eugene and Portland
11. Ran my first half marathon yesterday!
12. My delicious post-race breakfast