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Closet Diary 2.5.13

This outfit is pretty casual and not one I would usually go out of my way to photograph and post but Eric was visiting this weekend (two weekends in a row – what a treat!) and offered to take my pictures. My trick for looking cute and being insanely comfortable at the same time are these ponte pants, a loose fitting top, and a cute scarf. It’s basically a step away from yoga pants and a sweatshirt, but looks so much better! See another outfit using this method here.

( Scarf: gift / Sweater: Nordstrom Rack $3 / Pants: Nordstrom Rack / Boots: Kohl’s )
This weekend was probably one of the best I’ve had in a while. I’m not even sure exactly why, but I just felt so relaxed and so happy. Even though I had plenty of homework and things to stress about, Eric and I were able to just enjoy ourselves and be pretty carefree. Now it’s definitely back to the grindstone for me. This week is crazy stressful and I have so much to get done before I can hop on a bus up to Portland for my birthday weekend!

Outfit Envy

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I’ve been ready for spring since the first day of winter term and so with all the spring clothes starting to pop up, outfits like this are pretty much the only thing keeping me motivated to dress for the current season. Since cozy layers are really the only good thing about winter dressing, I thought I’d pull together a little inspiration for a cute winter outfit. Check out my inspiration here and see how I’ve worn a version of this here.

Life Lately

January was a blur of moving back down to Eugene and getting into a new school routine. It was a pretty uneventful month so I’m hoping to make up for it in February! Bring on the birthday and Valentine’s Day fun!

1. Della and Daisy accompanied Mom and me for the trip back down to Eugene.
2. I loved hanging out in my apartment with these sweet girls for the day.
3. Eric and I discovered Five Guys over winter break and I’ve been craving it since! Luckily there’s one in Eugene!
4. I attended the Eugene Good Earth show for Envision and looked at giant sculptures made from beach debris. You can read about it here. 😉
5. I drew a little picture inspired by my Creative Strategist homework.
6. Spent an evening trying out a Pinterest recipe with a friend (this cinnamon roll cake was amazing!)
7. I planned out posts for the entire month of February. I’m pretty excited for what this month has in store!
8. My sweet boyfriend surprised me with my favorite chocolates 🙂

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