Closet Diary 2.22.13

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Today I finally felt on top of things enough to take the extra time to actually get dressed in a cute outfit. This week has just felt so long and so overwhelming. I know it won’t get much better until the term is over, but at least for now, it’s the weekend. This weekend I really need to be super productive because I have so many deadlines coming up soon! But I also have a few fun things on the agenda. My dad and brothers are coming down for the last home basketball game so it’ll be really fun to see them tomorrow. I’m also going to the game with some friends, which I’m really excited about since I haven’t actually been to one yet (sorry Dad!).

I’m glad I made the extra effort to get dressed up today. This outfit just feels very me and is something I’m super comfortable in. I really love this floral dress and even though Eric teases me about my giant scarf, I think it’s just the coziest thing ever! I’ve even started making another one, so you can definitely count me as a fan of the ginormous infinity scarf!

( Cardigan: Nordstrom / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Scarf: selfmade / Tights: Hue / Watch: gift, Timex for Target / Belt” Forever 21 / Boots: Kohl’s )