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Closet Diary 1.6.13

I wore this outfit a few times over winter break just because it is so comfy and laid back. I also really love how the floral top and striped scarf look together. I’ve had this top for years, but I think now that I’ve figured out this little combination, it’s going to be getting a lot more wear! I actually snatched this scarf out of a bag of clothes my mom was going to donate. I’ve actually been wanting a striped scarf like this and didn’t even know she had one until I saw it in our Goodwill pile. Unfortunately, when my mom saw me wearing this, she decided that she wanted to keep it after all, now that she knew how to style it. I knew I should have waited to start wearing it until I got back to Eugene!

My mom was also eyeing this cardigan, but it’s definitely mine to keep. My Grandma Dorothy picked it out for me for Christmas (along with a super cute scarf, which my mom also would have gladly taken off my hands). She always picks out the cutest clothes that become major closet staples for me, like this grey cardigan that she gave me last year!

Eric and I had a ton of fun taking these photos my last day at home. He was such a sweetheart taking a million of them until they were perfect! I, on the other hand, was not quite as patient and some of my facial expressions turned out a little goofy!

( Cardigan: gift / Scarf: stolen from mom’s closet / Floral tank: American Rag / Ponte pants: Nordstrom Rack / Boots: Kohl’s )

Closet Diary 12.10.12

It’s crazy how much blogging got away from me over winter break. I really did have the best intentions, from planning to do a 30×30 and packing accordingly to enlisting my boyfriend to take all my pictures while I was home. Unfortunately, busy schedules, rainy days, and lots of bowling-appropriate outfits got in the way of all that. But it’s a new year and now that I’m back into the school routine, I should be blogging a lot more regularly.

As for this outfit, I wore this to do some Christmas shopping with my boyfriend. This cardigan and jacket pairing with pretty much any of my dresses has quickly become a go-to look for me. It’s super easy to through together and still look cute. Although, I did feel a little silly running around a Sportsman’s Warehouse store while shopping for Eric’s dad in my floral dress and bright tights!

( Jacket: Nordstrom / Cardigan: gift / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Target / Tights: Hue / Boots: SperryTopsider )

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