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Closet Diary 1.14.13

So these pictures turned out a tad blurry. I’m missing my photographer boyfriend and not used to taking my own pictures again! However, I loved this outfit way to much to not post it. I love the colors, this dress, and my giant infinity scarf that I finished knitting over the weekend. This was actually one of the first projects I started when I taught myself how to knit but I just know finished it and I’m pretty excited. I picked up knitting again over winter break and now I want to make a million cozy scarves!

Although my New Year’s resolutions¬†(training for a half marathon and blogging more consistently)¬†have been pretty much decided since the beginning of the school year, one new goal that I have for this year is to create something each week. Whether it’s a knitting project like this, a sewing project, or a DIY project, I want to set aside a little time every week to make something with my hands. Creative outlets have always been a huge part of my life, from scrapbooking alongside my mom to making handmade cards with my grandma to sewing prom dresses for myself and my friends, and when I’m not doing something creative, I really miss it. It could be a more ambitious project, like sewing a dress, or just something simple and quick, like filling a page of my Smashbook, but regardless, I’m looking forward to being more creative on a weekly basis this year!

Scarf: handmade / Cardigan: Nordstrom / Dress, belt: Forever 21 / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohl’s

PS: A Beautiful Mess did a post on being creative just the other day that I really love!

Closet Diary 1.13.13

There’s a sweet little house in the middle of campus that I pass by all the time on my way to and from classes. I’m not entirely sure what it’s used for, but I really love the look of it and have always wanted to take pictures here. Unfortunately, since it’s in a super busy part of campus, there was no way I was ever going to haul my tripod and start snapping away here! However, my sweet boyfriend and his fancy camera visited me this weekend and so I got to drag him out to this house for some pictures! You may not be able to see a ton of the charming features of the house, but at least it’s a dream fulfilled for me!

Aside from taking pictures, Eric and I had a pretty low-key, relaxed time while he was here. I ran a few errands while he was busy coaching, we did homework, baked cookies, and watched movies. We saw Zero Dark Thirty and I’m so glad we did because not only was it a really good movie, but after bailing on Lincoln halfway through the movie, I was feeling pretty unpatriotic and I think this made up for it.

( Cardigan: gift / Top: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Forever 21 / Skirt: Nordstrom / Tights: Target / Boots: Kohl’s )

Closet Diary 1.8.13

This outfit is from the first week back at school and it was one of the only days that I really got dressed. What can I say? The first week back after a long, relaxing break is always a rude awakening. This outfit was super easy to pull together though with various neutral tones and a couple pops of red. I actually grabbed this scarf out of a bag of clothes my mom was planning on donating. I’m hoping she won’t ask for it back after seeing this, like she did with the other scarf I grabbed, because who doesn’t like free, cute clothes?

( Cardigan: gift / Dress: H&M / Scarf: mom’s / Belt: Nordstrom / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohl’s )

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