Closet Diary 1.28.13

I originally wore this outfit on Friday, but I didn’t quite like it and the pictures I took of it didn’t turn out at all, so I figured it just wasn’t meant to be. Over the weekend, I ended up trying the outfit again a few different ways (with different tights, with and without the scarf, etc.) and this is the one that stuck. I really like the way my chevron striped cardigan looks paired with this floral dress and I love the blue and caramel colors together. 

Eric drove me to class this morning and snapped these pictures of me before heading back to Portland. We took these in front of the Museum of Natural and Cultural History which is actually right across the street from the building I lived in last year (you can see it in the background of these pictures). My literature class is actually in one of the residence halls and also right across the street from my old dorm. It’s so weird to sit in class, staring right into the windows of what would have been my bedroom this time last year!