Closet Diary 1.16.13

I wore this outfit yesterday for a long day of classes and meetings. Since I had my first meeting of the term for Envision yesterday, I wanted to make sure that I looked cute but not too over-the-top. It was a meeting for an environmental magazine, after all, and I’m not sure how well fashionistas would be embraced there. I went with lots of neutrals and my best thrifted cardigan, so at least part of my outfit was environmentally-friendly!

This is my third term being a part of Envision and, although I’ve mostly enjoyed the experience and met some truly nice people through it, I want to get involved with something that I really care about. In high school, I was the editor-in-chief of our yearbook and that thing was my pride and joy! I spent countless hours after school working on it, shed many tears over it, and even though there were flaws with the finished product, it was so important to me. I’ve been a part of a couple publications since starting college but none have felt like the right fit so far. I’m hoping I’ll find something soon that I can be really passionate about and do my best work for. I might just have to start a campus fashion magazine! 😉

( Cardigan: thrifted / Top: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Forever 21 / Skirt: Target / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohl’s )
  • You should start your own fashion magazine! An ambitious project, but I'm sure it'd be great…and it'd look great on your resume! 🙂

    2ndhand Knowledge

  • I agree with Maggie J. Start the mag!!! Love the lace skirt, btw. You look cute.

    • Thank you! I'm considering it – just gotta figure out where to start! 🙂

  • Adorable outfit! I love the mix of colors. And a campus fashion magazine is a genius idea!