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2012 Holiday Wishlist: Part 1

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I’ve signed up for the Eugene half-marathon next spring and since I’ll training for it when I get back to school after winter break, I’m hoping to get some running gear for Christmas. I definitely need some cold-weather running clothes, like long sleeve tops and running tights. I also love my Camelbak water bottle (it’s the only way I’ll actually end up drinking a decent amount of water throughout the day), but mine is broken so I could use a new one. I’ve also been using the same pair of Mizuno Wave Rider running shoes since my senior year of high school and they have been completely worn out. My Mizunos are definitely the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever had and I swear by them. I really like this pair as they’re supposed to be much lighter!

4 Simple Goals (Before 2013)

Inspired by this post on A Beautiful Mess, I decided to share my own four simple goals. Although there’s only a month and a half left of the year, there’s a few things that I want to make sure I do (or continue to do) through the end of the year.

  1. Follow my blog schedule: Before school started, I purchased a planner just for my blog, hoping it would help me be more diligent about posting. While it’s fun to plan out posts for a whole month ahead of time, I’ve yet to really follow through with it. So my goal for the rest of November and December is to make a realistic plan and do my best to follow it!
  2. Sew something: I had so many plans for sewing projects that I wanted to do over the summer that never happened and then when I got to school, I didn’t end up buying a pass to the Craft Center (not that I would have had time to go anyway). But I’m hoping that while I’m home for winter break, I can make a little time to finish at least one sewing project (and blog about it)!
  3. Exercise regularly: While this might not be the most exciting goal, it is really important to me. I’ve actually been really good about exercising since going back to school and I really don’t want to let it slip while I’m home for the holidays. Plus I’m sure my sweet little puppy dog at home would appreciate going for a few runs!
  4. Drink more tea: This one is something a little more random that I just added this week since I’ve been so stressed out. I think drinking a cup of tea can be so relaxing while I’m studying or in between classes. It’s usually not on my radar though so I’d like to make it a little bit more of a habit.
So there you have it! Four simple goals that are completely realistic and will help me feel a little more satisfied with each day.

Sweater Weather

Now that the days have started being consistently colder, I’m ready to bundle up in cozy sweaters with a hot cup of tea and a new book! Here are a few of my favorite sweaters for fall and winter:

  1. This cardigan has such a fun, retro feel to it and I love how they’ve styled it with a chambray button-up!
  2. I love simple and cozy cardigans like this. They’re perfect for layering and go with everything!
  3. I usually prefer cardigans over the typical pullover type sweater, but this one caught my eye with it’s unique color combo. I think it would be perfect for casual days!
  4. This cardigan would be so versatile. The pattern is super fun but because it’s black and white, it would go with so many things!
  5. I really love the shape, colors, and pattern of this cardigan. I think it would go great with jeans and boots but I also have so many ideas of how to layer it over dresses and skirts!
  6. This sweater just looks so cozy and the pattern is really great too. I feel like this is the type of sweater that would look really cute now, but would still be in style years from now.

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