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Closet Diary 11.25.12

( Cardigan, dress: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Michael Kors / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohl’s )

On my last day at home for Thanksgiving, I went to church with my family, saw the new Twilight movie with my mom (it’s our Thanksgiving tradition), and spent time at home with my family and Eric. Being home was such a nice break from school, especially since now that I’m back, I’m dealing with final projects, papers, and tests.

Since I packed pretty light to go home, I was actually out of clothes to wear by Sunday. So I pulled this dress out of the summer clothes still in my closet at home and tried to make it a little more appropriate for fall with some tights and a cardigan. I kind of like the end result and never would have never would have tried this otherwise.

Sidenote: Eric took these pictures for me with his new DSLR and I love them!

Closet Diary 11.23.12

This is what I wore to pick Eric up from the airport on Friday, go to Thanksgiving dinner #2 at my grandparents’ house, and mess around taking pictures with Eric’s new camera. The best part about this dress is the elastic waistband which, after consuming two Thanksgiving feasts in two days, was much needed.

Even though the we took these pictures as the sun was setting and we were running out of light, I think they turned out pretty well. Eric had better be ready to be my official photographer during winter break! 😉

( Dress, cardigan: Nordstrom / Tights: Hue / Boots: Kohl’s )

Closet Diary 11.21.12

This week, I’m home for Thanksgiving break and since my boyfriend just got his fancy new camera, I’m putting him in charge of my outfit pictures. This was the first set of pictures – an all black outfit I wore for a job interview. I don’t usually wear mostly black because I think black washes my super pale skin out just a little too much. However, this outfit, with the polka dots and floral are a little bit more me.
 ( Blazer, flats: Nordstrom Rack / Dress: Forever 21 / Scarf: Nordstrom / Tights: Hue )

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