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Closet Diary 10.3.12

(Jacket: Nordstrom / Dress: Forever 21 / Boots: Kohl’s)

This is just a simple fall outfit that I might have never come up with if it hadn’t been for this outfit from What I Wore. So easy and I’ve had all these pieces for over a year and yet I never would have thought to wear them together!

Closet Diary 10.2.12

(Tee, skirt: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Michael Kors / Sandals: Target)

The pattern on this skirt is such a break from my normal but I really love it! It’s a little bit wild and crazy, but still super wearable. I have so many ideas for how to wear it, from chevron striped tees to chambray, the possibilities are endless!

I’m really loving this extended summer we’ve been having! Even though it’s starting to be pretty chilly in the mornings, I’ve been holding off on wearing tights. I’m just not ready to start bundling up and layering yet!

Closet Diary 10.1.12

This outfit for me was pure comfort. Not the “I could totally take a nap in this” type comfort, but the kind of comfort that comes from not feeling the need to hold your arms in front of you to hide your belly or not having to pull your shirt down in the back every time you sit down to avoid revealing something unpleasant. It’s the kind of comfort that comes from wearing something you feel good in and let’s you go about your day with a little more confidence.
I got this outfit idea from this outfit from Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. Not only does she look awesome but it’s also similar to something I’ve worn before (and will definitely wear again, since the outfit hasn’t made it on to the blog yet) and I couldn’t feel more me than in a little bit of lace and floral!
(Top: Forever 21 / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Belt: Michael Kors / Flats: Target)

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