September 2012 archive

Life Lately

1. My little brothers have their permits and are learning how to drive this summer. It’s been fun! 😉
2. View of the Puget Sound
3. Ice cream sundae!
4. Picking out fish for Eric and my new fish tanks!
5. Pretty bouquets at the farmers’ market. Tried unsuccessfully to convince my boyfriend to buy them for me 😉
6. Our first ever attempt at photo booth pictures. I have a tendency to ruin cute pictures 😉
7. Stunning sunset on the way home from Eugene
8. The September issue!
9. A day-off, on-the-go outfit
10. Little Della investigating my brand new planners
11. A froggy friend hanging out on our deck
12. We went shopping at the Adidas store and Eric got a whole new outfit! 🙂

Closet Diary 8.30.12

I wore this outfit to work yesterday and it turns out that this will be my last work outfit since we’ve been assigned a new uniform of t-shirts and jeans. Which means you’ll probably be seeing even less of me and my outfits for the next couple weeks. I’ll try to pop in with a little something on my days off though!

Looking back at these pictures, I actually like this outfit a lot better than I did while I was wearing it. The denim jacket and high neck on the crochet top ended up feeling way too movement-restricting and I could not wait to get out of this after work. I really do like the way all the texture and pattern looks together though!

  • Jean jacket: American Eagle
  • Crochet top: Nordstrom Rack
  • Skirt: Nordstrom
  • Belt: Forever 21
  • Sandals: Target

Let’s Go Shopping: Equestrian

I’m really loving equestrian-inspired looks for fall. With autumn colors, fun and classic prints, and made-for-walking boots, these are the perfect looks to go back to school with!

For more information on the items in this post, check out this set on Polyvore.

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