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Closet Diary 9.26.12

(Jacket: Nordstrom / Sweater, skirt: Nordstrom Rack / Flats: Target)

One of my favorite things about walking around on campus is the constant stream of fashion inspiration. I can’t walk to a single class without seeing at least a few girls in outfits I’m envious of! If I wasn’t so shy, I would love to include some street style pictures from around campus on the blog. This outfit was actually inspired by a girl I passed on the street the day before. She was wearing a slouchy sweater over a flippy little skirt with boots and it looked so cute! I don’t think my outfit turned out as cute as hers but it’s something I wouldn’t have ever tried on my own!

Closet Diary 9.25.12

(Cardigan: Missoni for Target / Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Flats: Charlotte Russe)

Since my alarm failed to go off on the first day of school, any attempt at a cute outfit was a complete bust. On the second day of school, I did a little better and threw this on. It’s been really hard to dress for the chilly mornings walking to my 8:30 am class without roasting on the way back from my afternoon class. I am happy though that this strangely consistent warm weather is allowing me to wear all the clothes I never got a chance to over the summer. However, I just wish it weren’t so cold in the mornings!

Closet Diary 9.17.12

Eric and I had the best day at the beach yesterday! The weather was perfect and we had so much fun hanging out, skim boarding, and enjoying one our last few days of summer! Eric was such a sweetheart  in taking my outfit pictures and I took some pictures of his flips in return. So prepare for picture overload!

Our beach day was also one of my last opportunities to wear a fun summery outfit. I finally pulled out this denim corset top that I had purchased (on clearance!) last spring after seeing it on a bunch of bloggers. It’s so cute paired with a high waisted skirt! I wish I had gotten more opportunities to wear it this summer, but I guess there is always next summer!
  • Top: American Eagle
  • Skirt: Forever 21
  • Sandals: Target

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