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Closet Diary 8.15.12

This dress has got to be one of the worst purchases I have ever made. I rarely wear it and when I do, it’s hardly an outfit I am in love with. And the ironic thing is, when I bought this dress, I also tried it on in a pale pink version but decided that this weird mustardy brown color was a better addition to my closet. Looking back, I’m pretty sure I would have worn that pink dress all the time! Or at the very least, it wouldn’t have sat in my closet as much as this one has. But when one of my favorite bloggers wore this dress with a statement necklace, I decided to give it another go. I wore it with matching purple accessories to work and got the most complements I have ever gotten on an outfit! Who would have guessed?

  • Dress. flats: Forever 21
  • Necklace: Old Navy

Closet Diary 8.14.12

Today I had a day off from work after working late last night and although I would have gladly spent the day in my pajamas, I decided to get dressed up for this month’s EBEW. The theme is monochromatic, which I was less than excited about. However, I ended up really loving this outfit. I paired these gray paperbag-waist shorts that I love but haven’t worn hardly at all with a new striped tee that I picked up at work last week. I love that this outfit is a little bit fall-inspired, with the dressier shorts and the tee that I bought as a back-to-school piece. Still, this was a totally comfortable outfit that kept me cool while running errands and hanging out at home.

PS, the hair tie around my wrist is by no means meant to be a fashion statement. I haven’t kept hair bands there since middle school! I just took my hair out of a braid this morning and apparently forgot about the hair tie until I started editing pictures. Whoops!
  • Top: Nordstrom Rack
  • Shorts: American Eagle
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe
Monochromatic | Everybody, Everywear

LIfe Lately

1. Yummy fondue date with Eric
2. The start of a stunning sunset
3. New haircut! Looking so handsome!
4. Sweet potato fries and roasted corn
5. Saltwater taffy on the way home from the beach
6. Favorite restaurant in Seaside
7. Little brother driving us home!
8. “Homnuh”
9. Writing on the walls of a pub in Lincoln City
10. Lunch at Rogue in Newport
11. Root beer that tastes exactly like the candies!
12. Can’t resist good fish and chips at the beach

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