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Closet Diary 7.3.12

I wore this outfit last week to work, where people have already noticed my love of skirts and dresses! It’s true though: I feel ten times more comfortable and pretty in a skirt than I do in a pair of pants. I find it a little funny that I’ve had both this dress and blazer for well over a year and yet have never thought to wear them together, even though it now seems to be a “no-brainer” combination! Oh well, it sure made getting dressed that day easy!

I have been so insanely busy since I’ve been home from school. It feels like I’m spending almost every waking moment at one of the two jobs I’m working this summer! It’s crazy, but I’m trying to squeeze in a few fun things here and there.

  • Blazer: Nordstrom
  • Dress: Tucker for Target
  • Slip (under dress): Nordstrom
  • Sandals: Target

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