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Closet Diary 6.6.12

This is what I wore today to the award reception for my journalism scholarship! I have been so fortunate to receive scholarships that are allowing me to pursue my dreams without racking up a ton of debt. I’ve worked so hard in school and it is so great to be rewarded for that! Anyways, the dress code for the reception was “business casual” and after spending a little time on Google and coming across this blog post, I decided on wearing a modest floral skirt and black eyelet blazer with a few pops of hot pink. I’m pretty proud of this little look and I have a feeling I’ll be repeating it for more “business casual” events in the future!

I’m right in the middle of dead week now, with one project and final already completed and four more finals to go. Add packing and moving out of the dorms to that and I am seriously starting to feel the stress! Also, once I’m home, I will be diving right back into working so I won’t even have a chance to catch up on sleep! Yikes!

  • Blazer, skirt: Nordstrom
  • Blouse: thrifted
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

A Year Ago Today: Graduation

A year ago today, I graduated from high school. Today, I’m cramming for finals and wrapping up my first year at the University of Oregon. It’s crazy how fast time has gone and how much has changed since then. I had such amazing friends and great memories in high school and sometimes I miss it more than anything. At my graduation, I was so proud of everything I had accomplished and been involved in during my high school years: valedictorian, editor of the yearbook, editor of the newspaper, lacrosse, cross country, etc. Those are all things that were a tremendous part of who I was and have helped shape who I am now. Today, just like on my graduation day, I am so excited for all the new experiences and people that will continue to define my life and shape who I am.
And now for the pictures:
Eric, me, Becca, Jake, Ali, Rachael 
Eric and I
Me and my best friend, Ali
Ali, me, and Rachael 
My brothers and I – aren’t they handsome?
Holding my valedictorian medal with the biggest smile on my face!
And of course, my graduation outfit! A pretty floral dress and lots of bright colors!

Life Lately

1. Pretty colors and patterns are my Sunday best
2. Red velvet frozen yogurt with yummy toppings
3. A pre-climbing caffeine treat!
4. A sparkly bracelet that I can’t get enough of (Eric picked it out too!)
5. Pretty flowers brighten my day
6. View from my dorm room
7. Fruit smoothies might just be the only dorm food I’m not sick of yet!
8. Anniversary cake (minus a few bites)
9. Hand-delivered strawberries, teddy bear, and balloon! So sweet!
10. Deliciousness!!!

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