Closet Diary 5.16.12

This is an outfit I wore a couple weeks ago when we were still having warm sunny weather. The maxi dress and jean jacket were great for a cooler morning and I shed the jacket as the day warmed up. However, as much as I love the pattern and shape of this dress, the long hem actually limits the range of motion of my legs. Perfectly fine for lounging on the beach, but not exactly the best option for walking across campus.

As a side note, I really like how my hair look here. I got about four inches trimmed off over the weekend and my hair is now in a bit of an awkward stage because it doesn’t react the same way to my regular styling. Hopefully it just needs to grow in a little more because I’m really excited about the slightly shorter length!

I’m actually feeling really good about this week! It’s nice to be coming off of a long weekend at home without a ton going on. However, I know this is just the calm before the storm of finals week and moving back home. I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts because I know I’ll be turning into a stress-case pretty soon!

  • Jacket: AE
  • Dress: Nordstrom
  • Sandals: Target
  • That dress is so pretty, and I love it with a denim jacket.

    As I was looking at these pictures, I couldn't help but notice how pretty your hair looks! It's perfectly wavy!