A Year Ago Today: Senior Prom

From left: Boomer, Taylor, Josh, Julie, Ali, Titus, Rachael, me, Eric, Rebecca, Jake, Sara, Forrest
April 30, 2011 was my senior prom. It sounds cheesy, but it was exactly how most girls dream their prom will be. To me, it was a fairy-tale night. Sure there were a few things I wish had gone a little differently, but overall it was my favorite memory of high school. I went with a group of all my closest friends, wore a dress that made me feel like a princess, was crowned prom queen, and my date was the guy I would ultimately fall in love with.
From left: Taylor, Julie, Rachael, me, Sara, Rebecca
I designed my own dress, inspired by the Elie Saab dress Mila Kunis had worn to the Oscars that year. Making my own dress took a ton of work, more than a few late nights and lots of tears at times, but it turned out exactly the way I wanted it. If I could, I would wander around in that dress every single day, I love it so much!
My date and I!
My senior prom was absolutely a night to remember! I had so much fun and spent it with the best people – my best friends and my soon-to-be boyfriend! That was the one moment from high school that I would love to relive over and over again. I will definitely never forget it.
From left: Taylor, Julie, Ali, Rachael, me, Sara, Rebecca
From left: Julie, Ali (I designed her dress too!), Rachael, me