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Closet Diary 4.24.12

This outfit had been hanging up in my closet all styled for who knows how long now which made it super easy to just throw on even though I was running late for class this morning. I really love that this skirt is a little bit longer on me – something that is so hard to find at 5’10”! Unfortunately, the length made it feel a little frumpy when I tried to pair this skirt with tights and boots during the winter. But with bare legs and flats, it’s perfect!

  • Cardigan, tank, skirt: Nordstrom
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

Closet Diary 4.21.12

See that handsome guy up there? That’s my boyfriend, Eric, making his very first appearance on my blog! He visited me at school over the weekend and somehow I coerced him into taking pictures with me. We had such a great weekend with amazing 80 degree weather. Even though we were both studying for midterms, we managed to find time to have movie nights, go out for pizza and ice cream, and play lacrosse in the sunny, warm weather. Now I just can’t wait for summer!

Taking pictures with Eric was a ton of fun, especially when he started attempting some side flips over me! A little scary, but lots of fun!
  • Tank, belt: Target
  • Skirt: Nordstrom
  • Flats: Charlotte Russe

Closet Diary 4.18.12

 This outfit is for a “Stripe Week” challenge over on What I Wore. I’m styling two outfits this week based on stripes and this is the first. I was so excited that the challenge gave me an excuse to play a little dress up in my closet and find a new way to remix this dress. I love it with the polka dot skirt peeking out from underneath!

 Staying current with my blog has definitely been a challenge this year. Not only have I been busy with my first year of college, but it’s also been a struggle to find locations that photograph well and aren’t too heavily populated. Not to mention that rainy days make it nearly impossible for pictures, and we have a lot of those here! However, my favorite spot so far has been in the Pioneer Cemetery in the the middle of campus. It’s usually pretty empty and has a lot of interesting features, including this monument erected to honor Civil War veterans.

This morning, my grammar class was unexpectedly canceled, with gave me the perfect opportunity to go for a run. Running in the rain was so refreshing and, not going to lie, I was proud of myself for sticking to one of my goals for this term. Plus, these last couple weeks have been pretty tough, so being able to run it off was exactly what I needed! 
  • Dress, skirt, belt: Nordstrom
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Kohl’s

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