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A Year Ago Today: Senior Prom

From left: Boomer, Taylor, Josh, Julie, Ali, Titus, Rachael, me, Eric, Rebecca, Jake, Sara, Forrest
April 30, 2011 was my senior prom. It sounds cheesy, but it was exactly how most girls dream their prom will be. To me, it was a fairy-tale night. Sure there were a few things I wish had gone a little differently, but overall it was my favorite memory of high school. I went with a group of all my closest friends, wore a dress that made me feel like a princess, was crowned prom queen, and my date was the guy I would ultimately fall in love with.
From left: Taylor, Julie, Rachael, me, Sara, Rebecca
I designed my own dress, inspired by the Elie Saab dress Mila Kunis had worn to the Oscars that year. Making my own dress took a ton of work, more than a few late nights and lots of tears at times, but it turned out exactly the way I wanted it. If I could, I would wander around in that dress every single day, I love it so much!
My date and I!
My senior prom was absolutely a night to remember! I had so much fun and spent it with the best people – my best friends and my soon-to-be boyfriend! That was the one moment from high school that I would love to relive over and over again. I will definitely never forget it.
From left: Taylor, Julie, Ali, Rachael, me, Sara, Rebecca
From left: Julie, Ali (I designed her dress too!), Rachael, me

Let’s Go Shopping: Maxi Dress

My personal rule for shopping is that I have to be able to come up with at least three different ways to wear something before purchasing it. I thought it would be fun to pick something I’ve been eyeing each week and show you how I would style it. Who knows, you might even see me wearing these outfits on the blog later! 
Today, I chose a basic black maxi dress from Target. It would be great as a swimsuit coverup during the summer, easy to throw on with a jean jacket and brown accessories, and a little more dressed up with a printed jacket and white wedges. These are all outfits I could easily recreate with things I already have in my closet (although I’m kind of loving that peach bikini and those brown wedges from Target as well!).
How would you wear a basic maxi dress?

Closet Diary 4.25.12

This may be my favorite outfit lately – I love the girly dress, purple tights, and my rain boots! Even though I’m in the middle of all my midterms, I’m not feeling too overwhelmed by all the studying I have to do. Instead I’m super excited about getting back into blogging lately and all the fun plans and projects I have for the blog! It probably helps that summer is just a month or so away – just have to hang in there for a little longer!

I also can’t wait for this weekend. Eric is coming to visit again and I’m hoping we’ll get more of that beautiful weather we had earlier this week! I’m planning to spend a lot of time playing in the sun to balance out the time I’ll most likely spend cramming for my tests.

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  • Cardigan: gift
  • Dress: Nordstrom
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Sperry Topsider

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