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Closet Diary 2.23.12

We had such beautiful, sunny weather today that made me so ready for springtime, flowers, and lots more sun! The outfit I had originally picked out for today was way too dark for such a pretty day, so I went with this pink and navy combination instead. I love this navy polka dot skirt, but I’ve had a hard time styling it for colder, wet weather due to my limited footwear options. So I’m not sure if I actually like the brown leather accessories in this look, but since these boots were pretty much my only option, I just went with it.

I don’t have any classes tomorrow so I am so excited to sleep in and start my weekend! My boyfriend will be driving over to visit tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’m planning on spending the weekend relaxing, rock climbing, doing homework, and, of course, watching the Academy Awards!

  • Cardigan, skirt: Nordstrom
  • Blouse, belt: Forever 21
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Kohl’s

Closet Diary 2.21.12

I bought this dress before I left for school as one of my very few purchases for fall. I like to think I’ve become a pretty efficient shopper, mostly because of this blog. I’ve learned what I like, what looks good on me, what goes with my closet, and rarely buy something I regret.

This dress is an exception. I bought it because I liked the shape of it, the pattern, and the color. I didn’t have anything else like it, but I thought it would go with a lot. I was wrong. I have had the hardest time styling this dress! It is such a peculiar color and doesn’t seem to go with anything! Although I wasn’t sure about it at first, I do think I like the way the dress looks paired with these neutral colors. I’m really going to have to get creative to keep remixing this one though!

Although I’ve been stressing out about midterms and everything else I have going on this week, I was able to get a bit of a break by spending some time exploring school buildings I had never been in and the passageways between them that I didn’t even know existed with a friend. The best part was stumbling upon a random exhibit set up in the art school that I’m definitely dragging my boyfriend back to this weekend to hopefully get some pictures. I had never been in there before but now I’m dying to take an art class!

  • Cardigan, belt: Nordstrom
  • Dress: F21
  • Tights: Hue
  • Boots: Kohl’s

Closet Diary 2.15.12

Apparently I had a little left over Valentine’s spirit in me, with my little red belt and heart print dress. Somehow (I’m still not sure exactly how) I managed to pull this outfit together after literally getting no sleep the night before. Although I rarely manage to stay up literally all night (usually I end up falling asleep eventually), with two energy drinks in me, I was wide awake to spend the whole night writing a paper. I guess I should feel thankful that I’ve made it through a whole term and half of college and only had one true all-nighter.

  • Chambray shirt: H&M
  • Dress, belt: Nordstrom
  • Tights: Hue
  • Boots: Kohl’s
  • Necklace: Valentine’s Day gift from Eric!

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