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2011 Holiday Wishlist

Just like I told my mom, for Christmas this year, I want warm!
That means:
– boots to keep my feet dry while walking to class
– cozy cardigans to layer under my coats
– fingerless gloves (and a matching hat)
– cute scarves
– an adorable floral printed raincoat
– a stylish messenger bag big enough to carry my laptop and all my books
– plus anything lace or floral!
As far as gadgets go, I’m hoping for a wireless remote for my Canon Rebel to make taking outfit pictures easier and a tiny iPod Nano, perfect for taking to the Rec Center or on runs!

Closet Diary 11.10.11

I haven’t worn this skirt in forever since its a little to short to wear bare-legged, but since tights season is back in full swing, I’m really excited to start remixing it again. It was such a versatile and well-worn piece last winter and spring! I also have a feeling this will be one of the last times I wear this top for a while since its colors are just a little too summery. I tried to make it a little more fall-appropriate by toning it down with warm, carmel colors and a dark pink cardigan.
Today was one of those days where I was ultimately dressed up just to go to the grocery store. I hate to waste a cute outfit, but in my defense, I was very excited to go grocery shopping today and went on a major health kick. Something about dorm food made my bag of fruits, veggies, hummus and pita bread seem like the best thing on earth! There was also some Dove Peppermint Bark (my favorite chocolate ever!) in that bag…which made it seem like heaven on earth. 😉
  • Cardigan: Love Culture
  • Top: Nordstrom
  • Lace skirt: Target
  • Belt: Michael Kors, gifted
  • Tights: Hue
  • Boots: Kohl’s

Closet Diary 11.08.11

Although it was randomly pieced together, I absolutely loved this look! The varying shades of brown with the evergreen skirt were perfect fall colors together and I love the lace and ruffles combination. I loved wearing this, even if it was just to go the library to study for midterms!

What I don’t love is how out of focus I am in these photos…guess I’ll be asking for a remote for Christmas!

  • Lace top: Nordstrom
  • Skirt: Modcloth
  • Belt: Michael Kors
  • Tights: Hue
  • Boots: Kohl’s

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