The One That Got Away

This was definitely one of my favorite outfits that I wore during my absence from the blogosphere. My lacrosse team got dressed up for our first away game and, since I’m what most people consider to be “dressed up” on a regular basis, I figured the only way to step up my game would be to wear a pair of heels and a more polished outfit.

While I really loved the streamlined black and white look and I got to debut my $7 Target booties, my favorite part of the outfit was definitely the pale pink and blue chunky crystal necklace that you don’t see pictured. I had been looking for a necklace just like it for months and finally found one on sale for $12! I was so excited to wear it, but, unfortunately, it broke halfway through its first day on the job. I was so disappointed because, not only did it break before I even had a chance to take outfit pictures, but I also couldn’t replace it because it was the last one of its kind.
On another note, see that awkward face above? Apparently that’s the face I make when another high school student catches me in the middle of a self-timed picture on his way home from school. I didn’t even have enough time to run for it so my only option was to do my best to pretend he wasn’t even there. So you see, random-kid-who-really-needs-to-find-a-new-route-home? I’m not crazy after all.
  • Black top: F21
  • Skirt, booties: Target
  • Belt: Nordstrom Rack
  • Tights: Hue