Flower Child

Oddly enough, this is not what I had planned for either this outfit or these tights, but this is one of my favorites of the batch I’m posting from the past week or two (see my other favorite here). I meant to wear opaque black tights with this because I prefer to cover my legs a little bit more when I wear such fitted skirts, but I sat on a splinter and ripped a hole in my favorite tights so those weren’t going to work. I also meant to wear these tights the previous day, but they just didn’t look right. And so the outfit you see here was born.

This outfit was pretty exciting for me because not only was it a solution to both of my aforementioned problems, but it also was the debut of my thrifted cardigan! I don’t buy secondhand very often, although I admire those who do, mostly because of the time requirement. However, I love the idea of saving money and reducing the amount of new items I consume. I had to go to Goodwill to pick up some “old lady” garb for a themed baking party my friends and I had and decided to buy this sweater too. It’s a modern cut in good condition from Loft so I’m pretty happy with it and I think that this summer, if I have a little more time on my hands, I might try some more thrifting!

  • Cardigan: thrifted
  • Top: F21
  • Skirt: Nordstrom
  • Tights: Urban Outfitters
  • Boots: Ugg Australia